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Roundel transparent white background and edge 97 copyThe Millers of Oldland Windmill

There would have been many Millers and their Assistants working at Oldland Windmill over the years. Some Assistant Millers would have been Journeymen, moving between Windmills seeking work, so may have worked at Oldland Windmill for just a short period of time. Unfortunately, records are scarce so the list below only identifies those known to have worked there.

Please click on any highlighted Miller’s name for further information about the individual and their family:

1819   George Bennett (born 1789 in Keymer, Sussex). Tenure: c1819-1828.

1828   Joseph (Josh) Roots Beard (born 1796 in Chailey, Sussex). Tenure c1828-1840.

1839   Joseph Winchester (born 1818 in Hurstmonceux, Sussex). Tenure c1839-1860.

1860   Thomas Ashdown (born 1820 in Ditchling, Sussex). Tenure c1860-1869.

1869   Jesse Washington White (born 1841 in Chiddingly, Sussex). Tenure c1869-1891.

1878   James Turner (born 1806 in Nuthurst, Sussex). Tenure c1878-1895.

1894   John White (born 1847 in Chiddingly, Sussex). Tenure c1894-1904.

1891   David Driver (born 1871 in Nutfield, Surrey). Tenure c1891-1912.

Jesse Washington White and John White were brothers.

David Driver was the last of the Oldland Millers, up to to closure in 1912.

All the Millers listed above were Tenant Millers, with the exception of James Turner whose family owned Oldland Windmill and a considerable amount of the surrounding land.