Oldland Flour

Roundel transparent white background and edge 97 copyThe three photos below show us collecting wheat from Church Farm, Coombes near Lancing. Our latest batch of grain is 2021 harvest, “Crusoe”, and was collected from Church Farm on 18th and 21st October 2021.

When the new grain stock arrives at the Mill it can be put through our Winnower first, if necessary, to remove unwanted pieces of wheat stalk and other debris.

After this, it is loaded into sacks, weighing approximately 20Kg, and raised up to the Bin Floor storage area using the Sack Hoist.

The grain passes from the Bin Floor down to the Grain Hopper, from which it feeds into the “Eye” of the Runner Mill Stone. The grain is ground to the desired texture and flows from the Tun down a “Spout” to the Spout Floor below. There it is collected in sacks, weighed, labelled and securely stored for later packing. A full sack of freshly ground flour weighs approximately 21 Kg.

All flour currently being produced is from this “Crusoe” grain stock.

There are several places where you are able to purchase our flour:-

The mill itself during our normal opening times.